Children, Youth, and Family Ministries at Bonavista echoes the vision for Bonavista Baptist Church: A Passion for Christ, A Heart for People, A Life of Service.


Family Ministry at Bonavista Baptist Church is guided by three values:

Partnership: We value the partnership that can be fostered between Church and Home. We want you as parents to be inspired, equipped, and resourced to be the primary spiritual influencer(s) in the lives of your child or teen.

Relationship: We value relationship in two ways. First, engaging God & others (friends, family, the world). Our desire is for kids and teens to see God through the eyes of relationship, not rules. And second, through intentional efforts to gather generations together to learn from one another and influence one another.

Discipleship: We will engage in activities and gatherings that move us closer toward living and loving like Jesus. Worship, the Bible, serving, being in community, and inviting others into community are intentional tasks we undertake in helping each person discover who Jesus is and how they can express His love to the world around them.

Connect with us:

Download our Parent Handbook for 2013/2014 to read about how we inspire, equip, and support you as the primary spiritual influencer in your family as well as ministries we run.


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Splink is a free weekly email packed with simple ideas to help connect your family spiritually.  Visit this website to sign up for your weekly Splink newsletter.

Orange Parents is a place where parents connect to share ideas and experiences with parenting advice.

Focus on the Family is a global organization committed to helping families thrive. One of the many excellent resources it provides is Thriving Family™ a marriage and parenting bimonthly magazine Click to order. For advice on other resources, contact Pastor Awlwyn.

National Center for Biblical Parenting is another organization that provides helpful articles, parenting tips and parent. You can also check out their blog for parenting tips.

The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding is a nonprofit organization committed to building strong families by serving to bridge the cultural-generational gap between parents and teenagers.

Heritage Builders goal is to empower parents in their highest calling — to pass along a heritage of Christian faith to their family. Check out and sign up for whichever “seasons of life” blog is relevant to you.


There are many ways to get involved.  See this form for the various opportunities in Family Ministries and talk to the church office.