Welcome to Children’s Ministries

Children’s ministry at BBC is focused on discovering the character of God through worship, story, and craft. When kids discover the characteristics of God they can learn how God sees the world and how they can be like Jesus when they live the way that God shows us in the Bible. There are three things we continually communicate in Children’s Ministry:

  1. I need to make the wise choice
  2. I can trust God no matter what
  3. Treat others the way I want to be treated.

Children’s Ministry Registration

When you arrive at Bonavista on Sunday morning, there will be a table with two volunteers ready to say hello, catch up with your family, get your kids registered (Nursery & Children’s Worship) for the morning, and answer any questions you might have. If it is your first time with us, you will be given a copy of our registration form to fill out. This form is an annual registration form for all Children’s Ministry families. You will also be given a name-tag to place on your child and a claim tag. You will need to the tag to pick your child at 11:30am when Children’s Ministry ends for the morning. The claim tag is also part of our Plan to Protect at Bonavista Baptist. We want to ensure the safety of your child while in our care. If you would like to know more about our Plan to Protect, please contact the Main Office. At the beginning of every month the parent will be receiving a newsletter outlining the theme and lesson for the month.

Children’s Worship Registration Form


Nursery starts for a family when they have a child. The nursery is located at the end of the hallway (just South of the washrooms) and is outfitted with all sorts of age appropriate toys. When you enter the Nursery, you will be greeted by two of our volunteers who love to look after babies so that you can have the opportunity to worship in the main service. The Nursery will be open 10 minutes before the Sunday service. Nursing mothers may come in at any time to feed their children. At age 2.5 years, your child will move into our pre-school class.


A child in our preschool class starts with a large group time together with all kids. After singing a couple songs and taking an offering for our chosen organization of the month, our volunteers will then transition the preschoolers out of the main Children’s Ministry area to our preschool room (beside the Nursery). The preschool room is outfitted with age appropriate toys and lots of room to play. During their time together they will play, have a story and do a craft related to the story that day. After the service is over you can pick up your preschooler from the preschool room at 11:30am. When your child enters Kindergarten, they will move into our K – Grade 5 group.

K – Grade 5

Children in our K – Grade 5 group will remain in the main Children’s Ministry area for the duration of their time together. They will sing songs, take an offering for our the chosen organization of the month, and have a story together (this is called Large Group). After the story is over, they will break into small groups. In our K – Grade 5 group we have two smaller groups, K – Grade 2 and Grade 3 – Grade 5. In their small groups, they will continue the theme of the week by sharing together about the story and doing a craft. Children’s ministry pick up is at 11:30 and you will also receive a handout so that you can reinforce what they have learned at Church in your home. When your child is in Grade 6, they will transition into the Discipleship class.

Discipleship Class

This group is for pre-teens in Grades 6 – 8. They meet bi-weekly on the first and third Sunday of each month (except long weekends). The first Sunday of each month will focus on a group oriented and participatory-learning experience around a relevant question and practical application. It is conversation-based and includes a media component and hands on activity. The third Sunday of each month there are multiple opportunities to serve in our faith community. We encourage students to choose an area of interest and volunteer alongside those who working in that area. These opportunities include AV tech, sound tech, kitchen help, counting the offering, ushering, music, Children’s worship, or Inn from the Cold, to name a few. We want students to potentially find something they like and continue to volunteer there. We love this kind of ministry because it promotes intergenerational relationships as students spend time with someone older than them, engaging in a ministry of the church, and discovering gifts.

BBCY 2013/2014 Registration Form

Special Events

  1. Summer day camps
  2. Quarterly Family Events
  3. Detailed information is provided for each event on a timely basis.


We intentionally choose, as best we can, to have multiple generations represented in our volunteer base in Children’s Ministry on Sunday morning. We value the relationships that can be developed between kids, teens, and adults. In our small groups, we have an adult volunteer with a teen volunteer so the relationship can be developed and other life skills can be taught like responsibility, being prepared, and mentoring the emerging generation.


If you are looking for more information or to talk to someone about Children’s Ministry please call or email the main office.