Today was the last day that we were spending specifically with the Arms of Jesus Mission in Parramos, Guatemala. It was tough to say goodbye to our friends. Many laughs, sweat, stories, and prayers were shared this week. We already were looking forward to the time when we would see each other again. The events of the day included more dedications. One was a home, the other a small school building in Encinos. Many of our team members remarked about how impacting the school dedication was. Not only did we help a family, we engaged an entire community. What an honor and privilege this was.

In the afternoon, the children at the Mission said thank you with songs and dancing. We were treated to a lunch by the school specifically by the trade school department as they were teaching a few kids how to be waiters and waitresses in a restaurant. We then went to a youth event hosted by the community library and then back to the school to say our final goodbyes.

What a wonder”full” day it was. God has answered so many prayers throughout the week and we are thankful for his provision. While there is much work left to do, we are leaving this place in capable hands.

God bless all of you and thank you for you support and prayers.


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